How To Be a Part of the Future of NAKED:RUNNER

2018 will be an exciting year for NAKED:RUNNER ND:R because we will be launching a new sports frame. It will not be too dissimilar to our originals, After all of the exhibitions over the last year and a half, we learnt what you liked about our frames and what you thought would help improve them.

The overriding comments were about how amazed you were with their lightness and how comfortable they felt, to the point you forget you are wearing them. Also, you were impressed with the quality and most of all that they didn't steam up. All great comments which meant we needed to take this into account with a new frame.

The main reason for looking at a new design was a result of so many customers wanting to have them in a prescription and although we were able to do this to some degree, we found it difficult for some of the harder prescriptions. In addition we wanted to build on the success of the original desins and make them more unique to our new branding (ND:R) to enable us to take the product into new markets so that it was not exclusively aimed towards running, as we found that cyclists loved them for the same reason the runners did. What we did not know then, was they loved the colours to match their outfits or bikes!

In addition we knew the frames were great for running and cycling but to grow as a company we needed to develop for new markets such as Golf, Riding Sailing and Cricket and for that we need specific lenses for those sports i.e. polarized for sailors and fisherman, light enhancing lenses for the shooting cycling and cricket and different mirrors for aesthetics. We are also looking at an exciting, new lens material which will be more scratch resistant etc.

Personally, I also just wanted to adjust the design so that you would know it was ours and tweak the nose pad, to make it more integral to the style, without loosing the ability to adjust and keep that stick-ability whilst using the colon in ND:R to give it our mark, a little like the o in Oakley (I did try to avoid using a competitors name!)

Over the last couple of years, our loyal customers have been fantastic as they have helped support my company by buying the new frames in advance, which in essence is crowd funding. This year rolling into next I want to really push the company forward. We have so many opportunities apart from the new frames design, and with them being more optician friendly we want to launch them into the opticians at 100% Optical in London at the end of January. We also have a new distributor for the UK retail running sector and we will be actively looking for distributors for the other sports markets particularly cycling as well as looking at distributors in Europe or certainly countries with more sun!

To enable us to do this we have decided to raise £50k using the crowd funding model via pre-orders but secondly and more interestingly. we want to be one of the first companies to use the most modern and disruptive model by using the Blockchain which started with the very first blockchain bitcoin. In essence, the blockchain is a ledger which records every transaction made and can be associated with an asset and in this case we are going to allocate 5% of NAKED:RUNNER Ltd to the newly issued ND:R tokens.

So, if you want to own a small part of our company and help us grow you can do it via the followng three ways:

Firstly: By purchasing our new clothing products for cyclists and runners and with the pre-orders of the new sunglasses you will get 10% back in ND:R tokens each worth 0.0001% of NAKED:RUNNER Ltd. NB There will be a pre-sale price

Secondly: You can convert your beans earned in your account to ND:R tokens but this will be limited to the first 20,000 beans NB 100 beans = 1 ND:R token.

Thirdly: You can buy our tokens directl and dependent on the number of tokens you buy you will get a special perk as follows

Lucky Dip

£5 gets you a 1 in 10 chance of winning a pair of our Urban Elite Sunglasses and a 0.0005% share in NAKED:RUNNER Ltd

Perk 1
£35 gets you a 0.0035% share of NAKED:RUNNER Ltd and a pair of our new sunglasses excluding polorized worth up to £70

Perk 2
£55 gets you a 0.0055% share of NAKED:RUNNER Ltd a lifetime 10% discount + 2 pairs of our new sunglasses excluding polorized worth up to £130

Perk 3
£100  gets you into the Ambassador Club which gives you a 20% lifetime discount and a 0.01% of NAKED:RUNNER Ltd and 4 pairs of our new sunglasses one of which can be polorized. Worth upto £256

Perk 4
£1000+ gets you into the Ambassador Club which gives you a 20% lifetime discount 0.1 % NAKED:RUNNER Ltd + 30 pairs of our new sunglasses and one pair of prescription lenses worth upto £2350.

Perk 5
£5,000 gets you into the Ambassador Club which gives you a 20% lifetime discount. plus 0.5% of NAKED:RUNNER Ltd. You can have a colour made specially for you or combination of two colours and get 150 pairs of our new sunglasses and two pairs of prescription lenses.

Perk 6
£10,000 gets you into the Ambassador Club which gives you a 20% lifetime discount plus 1% of the company and you can choose a colour, name it and get 300 frames and five pairs of prescription lenses

NB As the ND:R tokens are an asset of the company, if you wish you can use the tokens either to spend on the Naked Runner website, pass to friends or family, keep and get a dividend or sell on an exchange.

Finally I hope you are as excited as we are not only for the company but also to being a part of something quite unique. For the first time a company can use the web to issue a token as a representation of an asset in a company, which is recorded on the blockchain ledger, making it accessible for everyone and unlike normal loyalty points with these you can pass them to friends, sell exchange or even earn a dividend and who knows they may become even more valuable in the future! 

Here is the allocation of the 50k ND:R tokens on the blockchain

And this is our first customer who exchanged his beans for 5 tokens which is recorded on the virtual ledger and should he sell or move them he will pass ownership to that new person.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me via

If you want to get the tokens either fill in the form below or buy a Perks direct from our website

Here are the terms and conditions

Stephen Fowler