ND:R Sports Prescription Sunglasses


We now have some great news, after some trial and error fitting prescription lenses we can again offer curved sports prescription lenses in our frames. It has taken a while to get the lenses just right, but working with optiswiss our prescription lens manufacturer, we are now happy to supply our frames with a sports curved prescription lens. Which although more expensive than clip ins behind the lens, you do get the advantage of weight so will not slide down your nose, less likely to steam up and easier to clean.

For now, we can only work with prescription within the range -5 and +4 which should cater for most of us, but for higher prescription requirements we are working on a unique clip-in lens which should be available in December.

Until then if you would like your  frame fitted with a pair of curved prescription lenses then please complete the form below and we will get our optician to contact you directly
Presently we are offering a generous discount on all the frames with a prescription starting at £159.00 and available in varifocal polarised photochromic and various tints.

For more details please enter your details below: