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Sol Invictus Range


Colour Frame
Matt Black
Lens Shape
Lens Colour
Mirror Blue
Polorized Mirror Purple
Polarized Mirror Gold
Polarized Mirror Silver
Polarized Mirror Blue
Polarized Grey
Prescription Insert
Bespoke Polarized Tint

Product Details

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NB to prevent confusion the Oblong lenses are just available in the standard grey lens or the polarized mirror versions 

ND:R Sol Invictus sports sunglasses, developed to be comfortable affordable and above all enhance your performance when competing and look cool when you are not

The Sol Invictus range is our latest addition to the family but developed to be true to our original range but improved by our customers.

Emma Bailey Agecroft Rowing Club Salford

The main enhancements are:

  1. The ability to take a prescription lens either a clip in or full lens to take away the double glazing effect.
  2. A slightly more robust frame, giving an incredible quality feel, but more importantly, these frames will last years, as they are virtually indestructible.
  3. The Nose pad has been redesigned to give you the ability to adjust to get the perfect fit for comfort and stability, as it turns out most peoples faces are slightly different!
  4. Two different lens shapes giving more coverage and protection.
  5. A unique design which works for all sports and when just chilling
  6. Standard lenses including polarized for the first time, manufactured in a newly developed nylon material which gives higher clarity, better scratch resistance and lighter than the common Polycarbonate lenses.
  7. Lenses can now also be made specifically for you if requested ie in tint colour or some flashy mirrors to give a unique look.
  8. Subtle branding and the ability to bespoke the colour combinations

Shanaze Reade BMX and track world champion

NB Lenses can be ordered as a bespoke pair with your frame or as an extra pair. The standard grey is perfect for all conditions, but some sports like some enhancing properties. In particular, Golf where bronze/Brown gives the ability to judge distances or a red tint for visual depth ideal for cycling or skiing and of course there is the yellow tint for low light conditions. NB our Mirror Blue are unique in having a Amber/Brown Tint perfect for Golf and Cricket, they also brighten the view perfect for cloudy days too.

UPDATE finally today 1/9/2018 we have decided to call the range Sol Invictus thanks to Nigel Mackenzie

Also a great video review from Andrew on Real Life Reviews below from a Triathletes perspective



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